Tazzie’s Memorial

In December 2012 we stumbled into look at our new guinea pig Delilah to see she had given birth to a still born and one live baby. That live baby was our Tazzie.

Tazzie grew quick and strong and so did her personality, you could never be quite sure who was the dominant one. You would always see Taz trying to claim her ground wagging her bum and purring. But deep down she was a sweet heart. 1459833_10152064715519052_1448169553_n

She loved her tomato and lettuce and enjoyed sampling our home grown produce before anyone else. She squeaked every time a bag was opened or the fridge opened, her cute little high pitched squeak.  She loved her food more than anything but when she had floor time she loved to run and often pop corned around the floor, usually following Delilah. She loved to play in the grass and would come back inside double the size she went out.


Tazzie loved human boys, she would nibble on any mans hand and loved to snuggle up with my fiance Joe. I often called her his other girlfriend as I would often walk 20150729_202417in and find her buried in his dressing gown,or down his shirt. They always had cuddles and it was hard to get her out of his shirt. They were the best of friends and she will always be his first guinea pig love.

A few months ago we found a hard lump on Taz’s jaw, we took her to the vet and we had tests done but nothing was conclusive. It was thought perhaps she had broken her bone on her fiddles sticks. She was ok though and  basically told not much we can do besides wait it out. This didn’t affect her at all she was and always will be the brilliant personality of Taz.

Then Delilah developed a slight wheeze so we sought treatment for her but Taz was not put on medication as she showed no sign. Then sadly on the eve of the 28th April 2016 she became withdrawn, no longer squeaked, didn’t want to eat and was limp.

We all gave her hugs, provided her warmth and Delilah stayed glued to her side. Early hours in the morning on the 29th April 2016 Tazzie sadly passed away at the age of 3years 4months with Delilah by her side.

Tazzie was a personality  that will never be forgotten. Her squeak maybe be quiet but she lives on in our hearts and she is in a better place now where she can eat all the grass she wants. She has left a large hole in our family and our beautiful baby will be m1432528875341issed, most of all by Delilah.  It can be assumed that Taz had a form of cancer from her symptoms it seems perhaps bone cancer in her jaw.

On behalf of Taz I will be donating money to the local Guinea Pig rescue, hopefully after following Taz’s story and reading this you might also like to donate through their gofundme page.

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